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Brilliant 1000 lumen Keychain torch.

This unit weighs in at 39g (without batteries)

Price ZAR890.00
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Olight M2T Warrior

The M2T is the perfect daily carry tail switch flashlight with it’s long run times, huge output, and convenient operation.

Price ZAR1,199.00
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Dual switch tactical - Superb battery and SO EASY to hold!

2000 lumens!

Price ZAR1,874.50
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Acebeam L30

What do you call a small tactical torch with 4000 lumens output?


Price ZAR1,990.00
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4000 lumens (CREE), 115mm, a single 21700 battery (included).

Price ZAR2,099.00
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Acebeam TK18

1900 Lumens

286m throw

90min runtime on Turbo

Acebeam 18650 Hi-drain battery!

All in, a fantastic flashlight!

Price ZAR1,400.00
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Olight Warrior X

With an incredible 2,000 lumens, vibration battery indicator, and aluminum body twice as strong as others on the market, The warrior X is the ultimate tactical flashlight.

Price ZAR2,495.50
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