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Acebeam X70

60000 lumens

In a handheld flashlight!

CRAZY, this flashlight has its own fan.

Price ZAR11,399.00
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Acebeam K65 GT

6500 Lumens in a small handheld torch from a SINGLE LED!

Offers Extreme throw and great performance.

4 batteries mean SUPERB runtime!

Price ZAR5,990.00
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Acebeam X10

The X10! The name sounds Very Cool, which is great because the unit is Cool.

7000 lumens, great battery, USB rechargeable and 10LED's

Price ZAR3,499.00
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Acebeam K30 GT

What a cool torch!

5500 lumens

1024m throw

3 Acebeam 18650 batteries included.

2 port USB charger included.

Fits in your pocket, easily!

Price ZAR3,390.00
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Acebeam T28

Handheld Thrower.

With a rated throw of 1300m, this unit is STRONG.

Price ZAR2,960.00
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Acebeam T27

The T27 is a 2000 lumen throw flashlight - It is all about the distance with this bad boy!

Price ZAR2,650.00
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Acebeam L30

What do you call a small tactical torch with 4000 lumens output?


Price ZAR2,350.00
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4000 lumens (CREE), 115mm, a single 21700 battery (included).

Price ZAR2,099.00
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Acebeam L18

1500 lumens, 1 LED, designed for distance.

We include the Acebeam 21700 Battery!

The L18 is Acebeama answer to a small, pocket throw torch!

Price ZAR1,890.00
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Dual switch tactical - Superb battery and SO EASY to hold!

2000 lumens!

Price ZAR1,874.50
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Acebeam H50

Well priced, 2000 Lumen Headlamp. With 125° beam angle!

Rechargeable ACEBEAM Battery included! Now that's a deal!

Price ZAR1,640.00
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Acebeam M50

A Stunning SMALL 200 lumen Keychain flashlight.

OSRAM and NICHIA LED's units available.

This little guy is USB rechargeable! Unbelievable!

Price ZAR330.00
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