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Acebeam T27

The T27 is a 2000 lumen throw flashlight - It is all about the distance with this bad boy!

Price ZAR2,650.00
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Acebeam X70

60000 lumens

In a handheld flashlight!

CRAZY, this flashlight has its own fan.

Price ZAR11,399.00
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Acebeam H50

Well priced, 2000 Lumen Headlamp. With 125° beam angle!

Rechargeable ACEBEAM Battery included! Now that's a deal!

Price ZAR1,699.00
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Acebeam M50

A Stunning SMALL 200 lumen Keychain flashlight.

OSRAM and NICHIA LED's units available.

This little guy is USB rechargeable! Unbelievable!

Price ZAR330.00
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