Terms and conditions of use

All Jexree flashlights have a 1 year replacement warranty.

The warranty covers manufacture defects and not misuse of the products. Please read through our terms and conditions on our product warranties. Malfunctioning units will be inspected upon return.

a) We test all Jexree units before sending to the customer.

b) Please verify the following with each unit:

  •          That the batteries are fully charged
  •          That the batteries are inserted the right way round
  •          That the flashlight components are fastened correctly and in place. If the tail cap or battery lid is not tightly closed the batteries won’t make contact and             the unit won’t work.

c) All items carry a 14 day replacement guarantee if the unit is found to be faulty. Jexree will arrange pick up of product via courier.

d) Any units with faults after the initial 14 day period must be returned to Jexree or the Point of Sale at the owner’s cost. Jexree cannot be held responsible for any misuse of our products.

e) All malfunctioning products can be replaced within the 1 year warranty period.

The units will only be replaced if found that:

  •          The customer did not misuse the product
  •          The product does not indicate any external damage
  •          The product does not indicate any water damage
  •          The product does not indicate any damage that might have occurred due to misuse
  •          The fault is due to manufacturing defect

f) Jexree will send the new/repaired or replaced unit to the relevant point of sale or directly to the customer. (within the borders of South Africa)

g) units found to be damaged due to customer negligence will be returned to the customer at the customer’s cost. The customer will have to collect the unit and the point of sale or arrange alternate collection such as a courier company.

h) Damaged units due to customer negligence will be inspected and customers will receive a full report of the status of the product and an estimated repair quotation. 

* Please note high intensity LED Products produce a lot of heat. It is normal for your flashlight to warm up or even become hot. Beam intensity affects the heat produced and unsung your product at maximum strength will also increase heat build up.

* Units can reduce brightness upon heat build up – it is advisable not to place warm units under water to product the integrity of the unit.

* Diving units are designed for underwater use and can be used within each product’s guidelines

* It is advisable not to submerge “non-Diving” flashlights unnecessarily. Please verify your product’s under water/waterproof/water resistant rating before submergin