Acebeam L17 Throw Torch

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Small, easy to operate and throws a mighty 800m (on the ANSI test)

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Acebeam's brand new L17 is the ultra-long range flashlight powered by a single 18650 rechargeable battery (INCLUDED).

The L17 offers three different LED options for different users' needs:

OSRAM White, Green and Red light.

The white LED, delivers MAX 1,400 lumens and 802 meters, is great for tactical and day-to-day lighting, while the green and red are great for preserving night vision and other activities like fishing and hunting. All options come with an impressive lumen output, throw, and a defensive strobe mode.

The most most impressive feature of the L17 is it's ability to give off light up to 802 meters away. Considering the body is barely 14CM long, having that much throw packed into a small tactical light is amazing!

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