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ACEBEAM L16 Tactical...

Tactical 101. This is the torch for you if you need a powerful, never say day companion.

With a tactical tail switch, lock and unlock functions, there is nothing you cannot do!

Tactical Tail-Switch

Price ZAR1,725.00
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Acebeam K70 with Batteries...

1300m of  THROW! (Via ANSI Formula)

A true weapon, this flashlight is for the serious flashlight enthusiast or search and rescue professional!

The price includes 4 Acebeam 3100mAh 18650 batteries and a Nitecore I4 charger (4 port),

Price ZAR4,368.90
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This is a superb outdoor / pocket watch!

LIGHT and very bright!

Comes with a single 18650 battery

Price ZAR1,350.00
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