Acebeam T27

R2,999.00 R2,729.00

The T27 is a 2500 lumen throw flashlight - It is all about the distance with this bad boy!

With a single Cree CHP35 Hi LED capable of pushing out 2500 lumens, the NEW T27 is a definite requirement for the man who likes to see where he is going.

This T27 will outshine similar size torches. The price too is fantastic.

With the standard 5 year Acebeam guarantee and Acebeam workmanship, you will not go wrong.

With 6 different modes inc strobe, the T27 can last up to 24 hours (*Although no-one really runs on low)

Simple USB Type C charging cable (included)

Runs off an Acebeam 21700 5100mAh battery - Included!

Tactical switch along with standard T series side switches, means you are in CONTROL.

1180m rated "Sniper distance"

Only 230 grams without the battery!

Now in IR - same price, same quality just with Infrared!

Email from a customer - "Doug"

The T27 on the other hand was love at first light! Except for the reflector head, it’s the same size as my favourite little Zartec but matches the Zartec’s ‘bright’ with its ‘low’ and matches, perhaps even exceeds wrt throw, the X65’s ‘high’ with it’s ‘turbo’. Brilliant balance between long throw and useful flood, could be the best balanced torch on the market. A little torch with a BIIIG attitude! Great that it goes straight to turbo via the tail switch and remembers the last setting; very versatile. Can even charge my iPhone from it. Absolutely my all-time favourite, go-to torch from now on!



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